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"Bioidentical hormone therapy for men or women with enlarged prostates or prostate is the next best thing to surgery." This statement from a leading provider of bioidentical hormones near Chula Vista, CA is nothing new. There have been hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who have received safe, effective treatments at this facility located in Southern California. Patients who visit Dr. Silva's clinic are delighted at the results, and this physician is frequently referred by others.

"I'm thrilled to try Bioidentical Hormones for my patients. These hormone therapies that I provide help to me not only to relieve my own physical ailments but also those of my patients. The therapies that I provide my patients are the result of years of trial and error, which is crucial to producing great results."

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is a safe, noninvasive alternative to surgically removing a portion of the prostate gland (the prostate gland is composed of tiny tubules that produce and store testosterone). Surgery, while an effective method of eliminating enlarged prostate (enlarged prostate symptoms), is invasive and results in lifelong exposure to biologic medications (medications used to treat prostate enlargement, urinary problems and infections). Bioidentical Hormone Therapy simply restores a natural balance of testosterone and estrogen in the body, thus allowing men to experience a prostate that is not only free of symptoms but is also completely functional.

Liposuction is another popular method of treating enlarged and inflamed prostate. The question most men ask is whether or not liposuction procedures are effective at removing "hard" and fibrous fat cells in the thighs, buttocks, hips, or upper arms. Unfortunately, in most cases, liposuction does not remove the fat cells that are hiding the prostate; these fat cells are called subcutaneous fat and are very difficult to remove using traditional methods, especially if you are seeking a non-surgical method for curing your enlarged prostate. Also, liposuction procedures may not be effective because the fat cells may just migrate to another area of the body (such as the abdominal region).

Other men are concerned with the safety of using liposuction. While there are very few complications associated with liposuction, some side effects may include: excessive bleeding, infection, scarring (especially in the abdomen), nausea, dizziness, numbness, hair loss, fluid retention and electrolyte imbalance. These complications are far less common with other forms of cosmetic surgery (liposuction, for instance). If you are considering liposuction to remove enlarged prostate, don't forget to discuss side effects with your doctor. You should also find out about the health risks involved with the procedure.

In conclusion, yes, a patient may be able to receive treatment using bioidentical hormones without any side effects. However, before deciding on a procedure to reduce or eliminate your enlarged prostate, you should do your homework. Research the many alternatives to surgery and speak to your doctor. A quality treatment plan will provide you with lasting results. If you are unsatisfied with the results of your own research, ask your doctor to recommend a provider of bioidentical hormone therapy for men.

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